The Outaouais Film Festival marked the start of collaboration between Radio-Canada Ottawa-Gatineau, Le Droit, the Embassy of France and Didier Farré.



Founder of Outaouais Film Festival, Didier Farré has been in the industry of auteur films since 1972.

When working for France-Film as director of film acquisition, Didier Farré builds close bridges with American societies such as New World and AIP. He quickly develops a rich network that enables him to provide France-Film with an impressive number of action and horror movies including Gone in 60 seconds by Tobby Haliky, Le dernier amant romantique by Just Jaeckin, Stunts, L’invasion des araignées géantes, etc.

France-Film projects alongside the first films acquired by Didier Farré with directors such as Francis Girod (Le Trio infernal), Michel De Ville (Le mouton enragé), Jacques Rouffio (7 morts sur ordonnance), André Techiné (Barroco), Bertrand Blier and Claude Sautet with whom he maintained a close friendship.

Five years later, Didier Farré decides to devote himself to the production and distribution of over 3000 various movies of all sources including Dirty Dancing, Highlander, Bagdad Café, les uns et les autres, Nikita or even Le grand Bleu and through classical works such as all rights of Marcel Pagnol’s or Asterix and Lucky Luke.

In 1996, Didier Farré creates Cinema 9 in Gatineau, quickly becoming a must-go complex for Québec cinema, but also American and European cinema in the Outaouais region.

With the founding of the Outaouais Film Festival, which takes place over several venues in the region, auteur films revenues have shown unprecedented gains. Through the Festival, the Outaouais region became the second source of income for producers in Quebec after the city of Montréal and previously the city of Québec, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières.

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